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Abraham Ruelas​

Educator and author whose research and writing focuses on women in higher education and in Christian leadership. After serving for many years at Patten University as a professor and administrator, in 2016 he began teaching 

Faith is a central part of Ruelas’ life. He self-identifies as a “Classic Pentecostal” as he was born into and grown up in Latino Assemblies of God churches and continues to embrace the Pentecostalism. He is an ordained minister in the Church of God (Cleveland TN), and in 2010 he was a Clergy Honoree at the Oakland Mayor’s Peace Conference in recognition of his community engagement.


He earned a B.A. degree from Patten University (1976), a second B.A. from California State University, East Bay (1980), and a Ph.D. degree in Communication Research from Stanford University (1985). While at Stanford, he was selected as a Chicano Fellow.

He also writes articles and presents at conferences on the role of Christian spirituality in empowering women for leadership. His most recent presentation was at the 2014 Spirituality Factor conference which was sponsored by the Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative and the Alameda County Behavioral Health Department


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